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Heart Radio

Heart Radio
Turn Up The Feel-Good

98-107 FM, DAB

Commercial Radio | 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, 20s, Pop, Dance, R&B, Hot AC

Location: London

Heart Radio (referred to on-air as "Heart") is a national radio network made up of many local out-puts. It's core audience is 25-60 year-olds, who either work or stay-at-home, normally women.

It started life in 1994 in the West Midlands on 100.7 FM. The name and brand has since been adopted by many other radio stations across the UK, as a concequence of take-overs and agreements.

In 2010, and again in 2019, the network was critically simplified, meaning less local programming for the previously-33 Heart-branded radio stations. As of 2019, due to relaxation of local content obligations by OFCOM (UK media regulator), Heart has just five regional variations in England and a single national breakfast show. Many previous radio presenters of Heart and of the local radio stations it bought out, lost their jobs. It was clearly a money-saving exercise. Now, the only local features are a regional drive-time show and local news headlines, travel and weather.

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It's target audience is definately for people who are busy and want something playing in the background. You can't listen to Heart all day for a purpose. It does well in representing this demographic - most participants of phone-ins and competitions are either at work, getting ready for a school run or with the family. The music that's played on Heart is middle-of-the-road non-offensive, which is great, but there are so few songs on the playlist so you do get a sense of de ja vu if listened to for too long. There is no real substance to the programming - just music and a competition - but, if you have this playing in the background, do you want any more?!

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