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LBC - National Radio

Leading Britain's Conversation

What is the current time where LBC is?

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1.00am: Richard Spurr
Richard Spurr is Leading Britain's Conversation, with discussion about the news topics of the day and what to expect tomorrow.

4.00am: Ian Payne
Ian Payne is Leading Britain's Conversation, with more on-topic discussions and live phone-ins.

7.00am: LBC Breakfast with Nick Ferrari
Nick Ferrari is on his award-winning breakfast show, with special guests and calls from the public.

10.00am: James O'Brien
He is the voice of reason! Join James O'Brien as he takes calls from guests and the listeners, including his little feature "THe Idiot's Corner". On Wednesdays, O'Brien also airs live Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs).

1.00pm: Shelagh Fogerty
Shelagh offers a slower-paced show from 1pm, talking about the biggest news stories with callers and guests of the show.

4.00pm: Tom Swarbrick
Tom hosts the drive-time show, featuring the latest news, traffic information and business news - all while talking to the listeners and discussing the pressing stories of the day.

6.00pm: Andrew Marr
Ex-BBC news presenter and award-winning journalist Andrew Marr presents his show, talking to the big personalities & guests that make the news.

7.00pm: Iain Dale
Iain Dale discusses the biggest stories of the day with listeners and guests-alike, with half-hourly news updates to keep listeners in the loop of the latest news.

10.00pm: Ben Kentish
Ben Kentish finishes the day by talking about the biggest news stories of the moment. You can also get in touch to share your opinion.

1:00am: Clive Bull
Clive has the biggest news stories through the small hours, leading Britain's conversation.

4:00am: Ian Payne
Ian still has your early Breakfast show covered. Get involved in the show and share your opinion with him as the early-risers are listening in.

7:00am: Matthew Wright
One of the media heavyweights of the UK, Matthew Wright has the LBC Breakfast Show covered on Fridays. Just like his Channel 5 smash hit show, you can get involved in the conversation by texting the show and instant messaging on social media.

10:00am: David Lammy
Labour Party MP David Lammy takes your calls and leads Britain's Conversation on the day's breaking news stories and most talked about topics of the day.

1:00pm: Sangita Myska
Sangita is Leading Britain's Conversation, with topical discussions & live phone-ins from listeners and guests. Get involved in the show & share your opinion.

4:00pm: Carol Vorderman
Ex Countdown pro Carol Vorderman takes your calls on the week's biggest news stories, from politics to events abroad. Accompanied by the traffic & travel updates, Carol has your home time covered.

7:00pm: Rachel Johnson
From one end of the political spectrum to the other, ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson's sister talks about the biggest stories of the week & gets the listeners involved too. Contact the show to share your opinion on the week's news.

10:00pm: Nick Abbot
Nick's show is full of discussion of the day's topics, with a bit of humour and sound effects thrown in for good measure. A light-hearted show to get involved in and share your opinion.

More information soon...

More information soon...

About LBC

LBC broadcasts on 97.3 FM in London and on DAB Digital Radio around the majority of the UK. It provides a platform for listeners to call in and discuss or debate current affairs from the UK and the rest of the world. It recently provided award-winning coverage of the Brexit negotiations and terrorist attacks in London.

What frequency is LBC broadcasting on?

97.3 FM, DAB Digital Radio on the Digital One mux (11D)

What can I hear on LBC?

News, Talk, Phone-Ins, Politics, Current Affairs, Live Events

Where is LBC located?

London, UK

How can I contact LBC?

Who is LBC owned by?

LBC is owned by Global Media, and its studios are within Global's Head Office at 30 Leicester Square, London. The station has changed hands a number of times, particularly from the late 1980s until 2007. Reasons for name and company changes included bankruptcy, re-evaluation of assets and mergers.