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Smooth Country - DAB Digital Radio

Just Great Country.

About Smooth Country

Smooth Country is an off-shoot radio station, meaning it compliments the existing Smooth Radio network. It shares is namesake with Smooth Chill, and its flagship station Smooth Radio. The station replaced other radio services owned by Global that were not generating enough in revenue, in a couple of instances shutting down a radio service altogether (The Arrow in London, for example).

Smooth Country's schedule is definitely based around the radio station's Country theme. On Monday - Friday, expect top quality shows with brilliant Country music from the USA. From 12.00am, Smooth Country Early Mornings has your Country playlist covered, featuring fantasic new-age artists along with the old-fashioned classics that helped make Country music what it is today.

From 6am, the Smooth Country Breakfast kicks off the day with the greatest Country music of all time. You can also take part in the show, by contacting the radio station on social media. All the contact information is listed below.

From 9am - 1pm, Eamonn Kelly starts your 9-5 with the biggest Country hits, with features during the show. Again, listeners are invited to join in! Check out the information below to get involved with the show.

From 1pm - 6pm, Smooth Country Afternoons gets you at the end of your work day, and winds you down when you're at home. With heavyweight artists such as Shania Twain, Dolly Parton & Keith Urban to name a few, there is something for everyone who loves Country music.

At 6pm - 9pm, Smooth Country Evenings eases you into the evening, with more fantastic Country artists from the USA.

Finally, between 9pm - 12am, Smooth Country Wind Down plays the most relaxing Country hits to soothe and relax you into bedtime after a hectic day. Forget what's going on outside, you're in safe hands with Smooth Country.

You can listen to this fantastic radio station live online right here, on Radio Player UK.

What frequency is Smooth Country broadcasting on?

Smooth Country broadcasts in various locations on various local Digital Radio multiplexes:
- Arqiva Coventry DAB, block 12D;
- Bauer Humberside DAB, block 10D;
- Bauer Lancashire DAB, block 12A;
- Berkshire & North Hampshire DAB mux, block 12D;
- CE Digital Birmingham DAB, block 11C;
- CE Digital Manchester DAB, block 12C;
- Now Digital Cambridge DAB, block 11C;
- Now Digital Cornwall DAB, block 11B;
- Now Digital Exeter & Torbay DAB, block 11C;
- Now Digital Essex DAB, block 12D;
- Now Digital Kent DAB, block 11C;
- Now Digital Norfolk DAB, block 10B;
- Now Digital Plymouth DAB, block 12D;
- Now Digital Sussex DAB, block 10B;
- Now Digital Swindon DAB, block 11C;
- Now Digital Bournemouth DAB, block 11B;
- NOW Leicester DAB, block 11B;
- NOW Nottingham DAB, block 12C;
- NOW Peterborough DAB, block 12D;
- Switch London DAB, block 12A;

What can I hear on Smooth Country?

They play Country classics, along with music currently in the Country Top 40 charts. Artists such as Dolly Parton and Blake Shelton are frequently played here. There seems to be a lack of Country music from the United Kingdom or Ireland, so the playlist is influenced by what is released in the United States of America.

Where is Smooth Country located?

Smooth Country is based in London, UK

How can I contact Smooth Country?

Who is Smooth Country owned by?

Smooth Country is owned by Global Media. It was launched in March 2019 as an internet-only station. It has since launched on Digital Radio and continues to be added on certain multiplexes across the UK.