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BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live

The Voice of the UK

What frequency is BBC Radio 5 Live broadcasting on?

909 MW, 693 MW, 990 MW, DAB Digital Radio on the National BBC mux (12B)

What can I hear on BBC Radio 5 Live?

Sport, News, Talk, Phone-Ins, Politics, Current Affairs, Live Events

Where is BBC Radio 5 Live located?

London, UK

How can I contact BBC Radio 5 Live?

Who is BBC Radio 5 Live owned by?

BBC Radio 5 Live is owned and operated by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). The BBC is a Public Service broadcaster, which means it is owned by the State and aims to be impartial to any policial bias.

The BBC first started broadcasting on 18th October 1922, with its first programme in London called 2LO, but soon could be heard throughout the UK. BBC Radio 5 Live first started broadcasting on 28th March 1994, and its sister station, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, joined the airwaves on 2nd February 2002. The intention with 5 Live is that it is a rolling news station with emphasis on live sport scheduled at certain times. Due to rights reasons, sports coverage may be restricted from being listened to anywhere outside of the UK.

At the moment, most local BBC local radio stations broadcast programming from 5 Live from 01.00 - 05.30, due to their nightly shut-downs.