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Countdown until Election Day

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The moment when Rishi Sunak announced that he has asked the King to dissolve Parliament - a process where the current Parliament is collapsed to make way for the General Election campaigning from all parties.

Sir Kier Starmer's response to the dissolusion of Parliament. Starmer, who is leader of the Labour party, sets out his pitch as he kicks off his campaign to be the UK's next Prime Minister.

Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, responds to Sunak's call for a General Election on the 4th July 2024. Davey says he "is ready" to take on the event, adding that the UK has had enough of fourteen years of Tory chaos. The Conservative are a "divided party".

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After almost five years of this Parliament, and fourteen long years of Tory rule, "fishy" Rishi Sunak has finally announced that a UK General Election will take place on 4th July 2024. Three main parties will campaign to get UK adults to vote for them.

The Conservaties have been in power for over a decade now, and there have been some very challenging times while they were here. They started as half of a Government with the Liberal Democrats in 2010, after a disastrous campaign by Gordon Brown (then-Labour leader) let the Tories in Downing Street via a Hung Parliament - where two or more parties are in charge. In 2015, another normal election took place when David Cameron took the Tories to an overall majority and a proper Government party ran ever since. Since then, many Cabinet reshuffles & Prime Ministers walked through the doors at Number 10 Downing Street, but all of them meant the Conservatives stayed in power.

In 2019, Boris Johnson won the General Election with more than an 80-seat majority. The UK fell into free-fall politically under Johnson with the Covid pandemic, scandals and Partygate. Then there was Liz Truss, where a lettuce lived longer than her premiership. Now we have fishy Rishi Sunak - a pint-sized billionaire who is richer than the King but apparently knows what it's like for millions of struggling families with high bills & poor standards of living.

But will the UK vote him out now the damage is done? Has the UK had enough of this chaotic self-centred Government? Or does the UK public want up to five more years of complete Conservative greed & lies? Or can they trust someone new to take the reigns? Maybe they don't want the same again, and instead want an alternative to what they've already endured.

However the UK votes, follow the latest news, views, statistics & debate with the biggest news radio stations in the UK. You will hear the latest news first right here. Then, at 10pm on the 4th July 2024, listen in as the results come rolling in through the small hours, where you will find out who the next Prime Minister of the UK is. Will it be Rishi Sunak, or Sir Kier Starmer? This is the place to be to get your UK General Election 2024 Live Coverage & Results, where The UK decides.