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DanceLand Anthems - Across the UK

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About DanceLand Anthems

DanceLand Anthems is a commercial radio station that launched on 2nd October 2023. It specialises in Dance & EDM music that was made in the 1990s and 2000s. It joins the Like Radio bouquet of stations.

Of course, you can listen live to DanceLand Anthems on DAB in certain areas of the UK, and with us right here.

How can I contact DanceLand Anthems?

What frequency is DanceLand Anthems broadcasting on?

DAB Digital Radio:
- Glasgow SSDAB;
- Stockport SSDAB.

What can I hear on DanceLand Anthems?

Dance, EDM, Techno, House, Classic hits.

Where is DanceLand Anthems located?

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

Who is DanceLand Anthems owned by?

DanceLand Anthems is owned by the Like Media Group. It is a commercial radio station, and is a sister station to the main Like Radio station.

What is the current time where DanceLand Anthems is?