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WJLD 1400 AM


The Heartbeat Of The City

How can I contact WJLD 1400 AM?

What frequency is WJLD 1400 AM broadcasting on?

1140 KHz.

What is the call sign for WJLD 1400 AM?

WJLD is the radio station's call sign. This was given by the Amercian media regulator, FCC.

What can I hear on WJLD 1400 AM?

Classic hits, 50s, 60s, 70s.

Where is WJLD 1400 AM located?

Birmingham, Alabama (AL), USA

Who is WJLD 1400 AM owned by?

WJLD 1400 AM is owned by Richardson Broadcasting Corporation.

What is the current time where WJLD 1400 AM is?

Note to listeners outside of the USA:

This radio station may be "geo-locked", so may not work outside of the United States of America. This would be set by the broadcaster, so you may need to use a VPN app to get over this restriction. Typically, the radio station simply may not play and you will hear nothing. If you can hear audio from here, then you are not geo-blocked.