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AU100 (WAUE)

Auburn's new 100.3 WAUE

About AU100

AU100 is a commercial radio station serving Auburn & Waverley (Chambers) area of Alabama, USA. Playing mainly Adult Contemporary music, it also supports the local Baseball team, the LSA Warriors. You can catch the latest results and match analysis on AU100.

Of course, you can listen live online to AU100 on 100.3 FM, and with us right here.

Are you listening from outside the USA?

Some radio stations geo-block their radio streams. This means they may not work when accessed from outside of the USA. Normally when this happens, you may not hear anything, you hear a message saying that you cannot listen, or the radio player stops and goes faded. To fix this, use a decent VPN app (Virtual Private Network) and set it to connect to a server from inside the USA. This tricks the radio station into thinking you're listening from inside the USA.

How can I contact AU100?

What frequency is AU100 broadcasting on?

You can also listen to AU100 on 100.3 FM.

What is the call-sign for AU100?

The call sign for AU100 is WAUE.

What can I hear on AU100?

Pop, Chart music, Classic hits, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, 20s

Where is AU100 located?

Auburn, Alabama, USA

Who is AU100 owned by?

AU100 is owned by Marble City Media, a radio company is the United States of America.

What is the current time where AU100 is?