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Rotherham Radio

Rotherham Radio

Your Local Hit Music Station

What frequency is Rotherham Radio broadcasting on?

Digital Radio: On block 9C, as part of the Shefcast multiplex

What can I hear on Rotherham Radio?

Mostly hit music, but there are opportunities for discussing local events and information in the area. They also play Easy Listening / Hot AC music with Classic hits from the 80s and 90s.

Where is Rotherham Radio located?

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

How can I contact Rotherham Radio?

Who is Rotherham Radio owned by?

Rotherham Radio is an independent radio station, so is not owned by any major networks or brands, but instead its own entity.

Rotherham Radio launched in September 2020, originally as RB1 Radio. There was a wave of small independent radio stations naming themselves after the postcodes in which they serve, as an alternative to other legendary local radio stations in their respective areas which were bought up by the big radio networks and carrying programming from a different location (usually Manchester or London).

This station began as an online radio station, with the ability to be played through Radio Player UK, Smart Speakers and other apps and services. In August 2022, a new Shefcast Digital radio service launched in the area that RB1 radio was intended for, and so after discussions with the multiplex owners began broadcasting on digital radio.

On 6th March 2023, RB1 Radio changed its name to Rotherham Radio, to better reflect the area in which it serves. It was also a tactical move to allow the brand to be more recognisable with other potential listeners in the area.