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Ritzy Radio

Ritzy Radio - 80s & 90s Music

The Rhythm Of The 80s & More

About Ritzy Radio

Ritzy Radio an Internet radio station playing 80s music and music from other decades. It operates as a single radio station, so is not part of a network or radio group. Why not go back to the 80s, where music was cool and fashion was incredible!

Of course, you can listen live online to Ritzy Radio with Radio Player UK.

How can I contact Ritzy Radio?

What frequency is Ritzy Radio broadcasting on?

Ritzy Radio broadcasts exclusively online, so streams over the Internet.

What can I hear on Ritzy Radio?

Classic hits, 80s, 90s, Synth Pop, Rock, Prog Rock, Disco

Where is Ritzy Radio located?

Guildford, Surrey, UK

Who is Ritzy Radio owned by?

Ritzy Radio is not owned by a network, nor is it part of a group of radio stations. It is owned privately.

What is the current time where Ritzy Radio is?