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ABC Lounge Radio

ABC Lounge Radio

Sea, Love and Soft Music on the French Riviera.

What frequency is ABC Lounge Radio broadcasting on?

ABC Lounge Radio broadcasts exclusively online, so doesn't have any frequencies to listen in through a normal radio.

What can I hear on ABC Lounge Radio?

You can hear a mix of ambient, chilled out Jazz and Folk, which fits in with an Easy Listening format.

Where is ABC Lounge Radio located?

As there are no frequencies for this station, there is no specific area as to who ABC Lounge Radio broadcast to. However, their registered location is Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur , Nice, France.

How can I contact ABC Lounge Radio?

Who is ABC Lounge Radio owned by?

ABC Lounge Radio is an independent radio station, so is not owned by any network or has any spin-off radio stations. The website was launched in October 2010 and the radio stream was launched shortly after that.

The radio stream itself is maintained by an external company.